AWANA Pinewood Derby - the Great Race

Tuesday, October 31st, 2000
The girls' AWANA club ended this month. They all were able to participate in the club's pinewood derby race. Emily designed a "Scooby Doo" car, Wendy designed a "lightning" sports car, and Amy made a replica of "Scrappy" - a car owned by friends Steve and Janet Hedke.
Image:AWANA Pinewood Derby - the Great RaceImage:AWANA Pinewood Derby - the Great Race
The Hedke's car finished first in their division of the Great Race sponsored by the History Channel.  We enjoyed cheering them on via the internet.  Eric was in charge of manning their web page each day to update their many friends and supporters. The Hedke's also provided a postcard from every city they stopped in from Boston to Sacramento - Wendy loved getting those cards for her collection! We joined a local homeschool group         this year and again, Eric and Hero made a presentation. Eric's love and interest for robotics is growing.

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