September 2000 highlights

Saturday, September 30th, 2000
Would you believe that Wendy and Amy turned 8 in September?  We celebrated their birthday at their swim school in Santa Clarita.  We followed that up with another trip to Disneyland.  The weather was far too hot for us, but the two highlights of the trip were when Eric, Amy and Wendy were chosen to march in the 45th anniversary parade (Eric looked quite adorable in his tutu), and when the girls got to perform with the Dapper Dans on Main Street USA.  

We went to three county fairs over the summer (Stanislaus, Ventura, and Kern).  Wendy and Amy were fascinated at each fair by the exhibit that showed various things that people collect.  Amy decided to collect stamps, and Wendy decided to collect post cards.  Both girls raid our mail every day to see if they can add some interesting new treasure to their collections.

Emily officially began preschool in September and is already doing some kindergarten work.  She loves sitting at the table with her sisters and doing her school work.  She really excels at phonics, and like her big sisters, loves going to the library when we go to the city.

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