September 2002 highlights

Monday, September 30th, 2002
This month,  Amy and Wendy made public their decisions to live their lives for the Lord.  

A few days later, Wendy and Amy turned 10.  We were pretty celebrated out by this time, between "Bibleman" and the baptism, so we had a quiet day at home.

Image:September 2002 highlights
Amy & Wendy make a call on the "Batphone"

Eric had business to do in Rancho Palos Verdes, so Kathy and the girls dropped him off at his client and went on a field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium.  The timing was perfect, as we were studying the ocean in science.  We picked Eric up after his work day was finished, and surprised the girls with another "hop" to Disneyland that evening.

This month, Kathy, Wendy and Amy began building their models of two California missions.  Wendy chose San Luis Rey, and Amy chose Mission Santa Barbara.  They turned out beautifully.

Our LEGO Jr. Robotics team began this month.  We have had two other families involved, each with two girls.  All six girls are home educated.  The fathers and one mother have been mentoring the girls.  They are given the challenge of building robots using LEGO's and motors.  Using computers, they program the robots to complete certain challenges.  In addition, Eric has been teaching the girls about science and technology, and helping them to prepare for the presentations to be delivered before a panel of judges.  It has been a big time commitment, but the children are learning a lot and developing good friendships, while gaining practical experience in the areas of math, science, computer skills, and presentation skills.

At the end of the month we took a homeschool field trip to the Kern County Fair to see the exhibits. While we were there, we cheered our friends, the Steele Family, as they showed their sheep.  We learned a great deal, and were able to explore a different aspect of the fair than we had ever seen before.  We were pretty tired, so we headed home right after that event, went to bed, and counted sheep.

Image:September 2002 highlights
Emily had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.

Eric and Jenny, his Manager of Client Services, were interviewed by the Los Angeles Times for an article on Virtual Assistants (tele-commuting.)

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