12/21/01 12:15 PM:  Well, we did not get the 15" of snow we expected last night; however, we did get enough snow to have some fun. So, once the morning chores were done, Amy & Wendy, Emily & Kelly headed for the back yard to build the first snowman of the year.  They are very proud of their accomplishment. Be sure to check back often as the web cam will update every five minutes.

12/21/01 5:30 PM  Well, it has been a bit warmer this afternoon and Frosty has lost some of his frost.... Keep checking back as we don't know how long Frosty will stick around. Not sure what you will see the next time... You might see improvements being made to Frosty, nothing, or you might see Frosty in liquid form.

20011222 - Live SnowMan Cam01.jpg
Frosty and Friends - Photo taken 12/21/01 12:22 PM

20011222 - Live SnowMan Cam02.jpg
Frosty The Snowman as of 12/21/01 12:22 PM

20011222 - Live SnowMan Cam03.jpg
Frosty The Snowman in liquid form as of 12/22/01 3:30 PM

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