June highlights

Monday, June 30th, 2003
Although finances have been rough, we set a side a bank to collect loose change, birthday money, etc., so that we could eventually buy annual passes to Disneyland.  In an attempt to make some money for this bank, Kathy and the girls did a thorough house/attic/garage cleaning, and came up with a great many items to get rid of.  We set up a booth at the annual Pine Mountain garage sale.  Amy and Wendy were a big hit with their lemonade stand on the hot (very hot) day.  When the folks learned that the girls were trying to earn money to go to Disneyland, they were very generous with their lemonade purchases.  Eric and the girls gave Kathy a home organ for her birthday.  Emily has especially become quite good at playing the "Veggie Tales" theme.  We combined a business trip with a trip to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.  What a fascinating experience.  Even Emily and Kelly were excited about being there.  Business temporarily picked up for Eric this month.  Living so far from our church makes attending special events difficult.  Eric and Kathy were delighted to be able to go to a class called "Contagious Christians."  Eric attended a HERO robot meeting, and made some progress getting his robot's arm repaired.  We took a hike to the local waterfall with our friends the Gilardone and Steele families.

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