March highlights

Monday, March 31st, 2003
Amy, Wendy and Emily were able to attend a fabulous fairy tale story time at the Valencia Library this month.  Kathy was very impressed with the crafts the girls brought home.  The Awana club began at the local church, and Kathy is once again leading the Cubbie class (ages 3-4).  Kathy was able to attend a scrapbooking class and make a little more progress on her never-ending quest to get the family pictures organized.  All four girls participated in a homeschool science fair.  Kelly presented the growth of butterflies, Emily talked about what absorbs water, Wendy learned what conducts electricity, and Amy took apart a computer and described each piece.  As finances got rough, we determined that Eric needed to drop out of school for awhile.  Our prayers are that he can continue on his educational path and get his degree soon.

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