Life in the 1850’s

Thursday, May 31st, 2001
Image:Life in the 1850´sImage:Life in the 1850´s
What fun May brought our family. There is a local living history event held near our home in Ft. Tejon, so Eric, Wendy, Amy and several members from our homeschool group dressed in 1850 period costume and spent 24 hours making candles, making butter, learning carpentry, doing laundry outdoors, and making adobe bricks in a mud pit. They camped out and cooked their meals over an open fire. Many of the children walked with Eric in our local Lilac Festival in their costumes, and our group even won a first place trophy!

Pigs flew at the Kern County Fair

Saturday, September 30th, 2000
This month, we took a trip to the Kern County Fair, where we were able to see one of our favorite events: The famous Alaskan racing pigs!  
Image:Pigs flew at the Kern County Fair
We love watching and cheering for our favorite hams as they run the course and fly over the hurdles.
Image:Pigs flew at the Kern County Fair