Emily’s Pirate of the Caribbean Quiz

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner Commandeer a shipRecently, we showed Emily Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time.  She really enjoyed it and is constantly quoting lines from the movie.  She decided to create a Pirates of the Caribbean quiz and have me put it on the blog:

Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz

1.        Who was Jack’s murderous first mate?
a.        David Barbossa
b.        Nathaniel Barbossa
c.        Hector Barbossa
d.        Mark Barbossa

2.        What did young Elizabeth see in the water before seeing Will?
a.        a flying fish
b.        an umbrella
c.        a hat
d.        a sea bass

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Movie Review - Walt Disney’s "Bedtime Stories"

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Bedtime StoriesThe picture on the box is adorable - a wide-eyed guinea pig, and an uncle telling his adorable nephew and niece a story, while holding an umbrella over his head.  Why the umbrella?  Why, it's raining gumballs, of course!

Before the movie began we had the beautiful Disney castle logo and Tinkerbell.   The tagline tells us to  "Believe in Happy Endings."  All of that would lead you to believe this was a wonderful family movie - right?  Wrong.

One of my daughters asked if we could check this out from the library, and if I would preview it.  We are EXTREMELY careful what movies we allow our daughters to watch.  I usually check new releases out on www.pluggedinonline.com.
Previewing movies is a common occurrence for us.  I'm sure glad I did my due diligence on this one.  It is NOT a family movie, and for Disney to promote it as such is tragic.  I'm sure many parents plugged this one in for their little ones.

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Play the Part!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
A story in today's news told of a woman complaining that The Walt Disney Company discriminated against her because they would not let her work while wearing a Muslim head scarf.  

When you choose to work at the Disneyland Resort, you are joining a "Cast"; you play a part, you are never referred to as an employee.   As a cast member, you agree to the costume you will wear, just like an actor on a stage.  If this woman got a job at a theater as an actress, she cannot tell the director that she is going to wear her religious clothing as she plays a part.  I'm a Christian, and I don't think the cast members should wear anything other than what the part calls for - no cross necklaces or earrings, no Stars of David, no yarmulkes, etc.  I want my Disney cast member to blend in with the surroundings - I don't want her to have pierced body parts, bright pink hair, or religious emblems.  

So, Walt Disney Company, I applaud you for doing the right thing.  You've set a beautiful stage, and all of the people who come to be part of the show must follow the script.

A ticket to Disneyland

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
20100617 - Hand writing letterThumb.jpgDear Mr. Iger,

The Orange Country register just reported that Disney attendance has dropped 4% for the spring/summer season this year.  That's normally Disneyland's busiest time, isn't it?

Why do you think attendance has dropped?  

Perhaps it is because the average family's expendable income cannot keep up with your constant raising of the price of the park admission.

When Southern California annual passes were $99, our family of six bought them, and drove the 125 miles each way to go to Disneyland almost weekly.  Since we felt we were getting a "deal" we spent money on meals, snacks and souvenirs.  Now, they are $239 each - over twice as much!  There is no way our family can afford that much in passes, gasoline, parking, AND food to go to Disneyland.

Perhaps you should consult the folks over at Knotts Berry Farm.  When they lowered their annual pass prices last year, people flocked to them in droves.

Bah Humbug!

Friday, July 30th, 2010
20100617 - Hand writing letterThumb.jpgDear Mr. Iger,

Why is there no Christmas store at Disneyland anymore?  It was charming when it was in the castle, but bigger and better stocked when moved to Mickey-Mouse-Santa-Gifts.jpgNew Orleans Square, it kind of got put back in Fantasyland, although it never seemed to be open when I was at the Park.  Other than a few odds and ends at World of Disney - there is nothing!!!  It can't be for lack of sales - I had to fight crowds and stand in line every time I shopped there.  Let's bring back the Christmas shop - what could be better than a combination of Christmas and Disney?

Disney Archivist for a Day

Sunday, July 18th, 2010
Picture of Dave Smith.jpgWho would you like to be for a day?

That's an easy answer for me - Dave Smith - the official archivist for The Walt Disney Company.  This man either knows everything there is to know about Disney, or has the access to find out.  What a cool job!

Mr. Smith wrote one of my favorite books - "Disney A to Z".  If you love to learn about Disney history, I strongly recommend this book.

In the meantime, here is how you can access some Disney knowledge online:  http://disney.go.com/vault/archives/today.html

Mr. Smith, if you'd ever like to really wow this homeschooling mom - just invite me to be your shadow for a day!  (hint, hint)
20100617 - Hand writing letterThumb.jpgDear Mr. Iger,

Our family stopped watching the Disney Channel many years ago.  Somewhere along the line the channel changed from fun and interesting family programming to several broadcasts each day of tween shows.  I mean, really, how many times a day does "Hannah Montana" have to air?

We miss "Vault Disney" and the classic movies.  You used to produce wonderful series like "Avonlea".  Where is the creativity?

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Happy 55th Birthday, Disneyland!

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Sleeping Beauty's CastleDisneyland is the only theme park to have been directly supervised and built by Walt Disney.  In my book, that makes it pretty special.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my earliest memories (at age 3) was in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.  That would have been in 1964.  Just 9 years after Disneyland opened.

Dozens and dozens of my happiest memories are based around Disneyland - the pure magic of being there as a child, my family indulging my belief in Peter Pan by making sure we always rode on his ride, had tuna sandwiches at Captain Hook's ship, stopped to see Skull Rock, and of course, watch Tink fly over the castle before the fireworks began.

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20100617 - Hand writing letterThumb.jpgDear Mr. Iger,

I was quite excited when I learned The Disneyland Hotel was renovating their pool area and adding Monorail-themed water slides.  I was dismayed, though, to find out you were taking out the koi ponds and waterfalls in this same renovation.  

My family and I LOVED the waterfalls.  What fun it was to cool off in a wet and noisy place.  Sometimes, when you are unable to go swimming, it is a refreshing break on a hot summer day.

I am probably too late to get you to change your mind - especially since you have already given the fish to the Huntington Library in Pasadena - but I'm going to share an idea with you, anyway.

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A letter to Disney

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Dear Mr. Iger...Dear Mr. Iger,

As most Americans my age, I grew up watching "The Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday night, going to the theater to see Mr. Disney's newest release, and being fortunate enough to grow up in California - visiting Disneyland every year.  As thousands do, we consider ourselves a "Disney" family.  We love watching the old Disney movies and going to Disneyland.  My first born is even named "Wendy"!

Given the soft spot in our hearts for The Park and all things Disney, I've decided to write this blog to encourage you to keep the Disney name pure; to keep Disneyland just right, and to encourage you as the head of the most phenomenal company on our planet.  In this column, I'll write suggestions, perhaps share a memory or two, and tell you about fabulous Disney experiences.  So, here goes.

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Amy & Wendy at the Magic Kindgom for their 17th Birthday (2009)"Do you think she's following us?" my daughters wondered as they entered the main gate of Disneyland on September 5, 2009.  You see, this year, Disneyland is offering everyone free admission on their birthday, and we decided to take advantage of that for Amy and Wendy's 17th birthday.

Amy & Wendy have had many opportunities to go around Disneyland together, or with their younger sisters, but in the past, Mom and Dad were still on Disney property.  Not this time - Mom took off to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, where she could roam and read about the displays in peace!Amy & Wendy at Disneylent Main Street, USA  (1997)(A fabulous place, by the way - we are blessed to have two Presidential Libraries in Southern California - The Ronald Reagan Library is located about 90 minutes northwest of the Nixon Library).

So, the girls kept looking over their shoulders expecting me to pop up at any time.  We knew they would have a wonderful day and create many magical Disney memories of their 17th birthday.  Thanks, Disneyland!

Mickey Bunk Beds

Friday, February 28th, 2003
Uncle Bob built the girls two beautiful sets of Mickey Mouse themed bunk beds.

I sent the girls to grandma's house for a week and redecorated their bedroom and set up the beds.

Image:Mickey Bunk Beds

Thanks, Uncle Bob!

Disneyland at Christmas

Monday, December 10th, 2001
This month we were able to make one of my dreams come true - we purchased annual passes to Disneyland! This is something that I have wanted to do since I was a little girl, and it was well worth it, as our family was able to "pop" down to Disneyland several times over the next year.  

Image:Disneyland at Christmas
The Mack sisters, enjoying a break in New Orleans Square

Disneyland at Christmas is something special.  The weather is cool, the decorations are beautiful, and there is an even happier spirit in the air.