A tribute to my mom

Friday, June 18th, 2010
20080315 - Kathy's Turkey Pot Pie.jpgIn a society where so many are unreliable, lazy, or proud, my mom is the opposite.  She possesses the rare gift of a servant’s heart.

Mom’s days are spent serving others, with little time reserved for herself.  It is very rare that one can wake up before her as she is up preparing food for the day or working on accounting.  I have often woken up to the aromas of fresh muffins, bacon, and eggs with the realization that she woke up early just to make a “family breakfast”.  This morning, she woke up at 6:30 to do the laundry so that we had clean clothes to wear - all after going to bed at 1:00!

I do not believe that I have ever seen her say a job is done when there is still more work to do.  In fact, sometimes I have found her efforts to be overzealous.  For instance, when cleaning the kitchen, she always takes off the burner plates to wipe away any crumbs or liquid that might have spilled instead of just wiping over them - and often she takes off the stove top to reach the food that has fallen inside the stove.

At church – and throughout all of her work – she portrays an enthusiasm to get the job done.  She enjoys teaching children the most, and devotes countless hours to several ministries by preparing curriculum, taking extra time to hear a Bible passage and to encourage the students to complete the Awana program, volunteering in choir, being a table leader in Vacation Bible School, and so much more.  Not only is she generous with her time, but she is also generous with her resources as they allow.  When our family had money left over from a vacation, she suggested that we take some of that money to buy food for our church’s food pantry.  

Mom also enjoys teaching others to serve as well.  She has become a favorite among the custodians because she teaches her kids to clean up after themselves and is not above getting a broom or vacuum to clean up the mess.  One of her favorite sayings that she taught us was to “always leave a house cleaner than when you got there.”

Even when “resting” Mom is often working.  For instance, while watching a movie with the family, she irons, sorts socks, or prepares supplies for her ministries at church.  Although she would be considered an “early bird”, she willingly stays up late with my “night owl” father to be a support and encouragement.

My mom ministers to my sisters and me in so many different ways.  While it would be cheaper and less time consuming to send us to a public school, she has made it clear that she plans to do everything possible to give us the best education she can.  She spends innumerable hours driving us to our various activities every day.  Activities that are about seventy miles away!  In addition, she enjoys giving our college friends rides across campus and has become a “campus mom” to the students.  Mom has made many treats for our various class parties, and even helped plan one of them – all without reimbursement.  

By far, however, Mom’s greatest ministry is to my dad.  She has taken on several roles in my father’s company, the most notable of which is secretary and confidante. I have often found her in front of her computer deciphering my father’s scrawling so that she can type it into note form.  She manages his calendar and helps him track the relationships he's working on. My dad often asks her to transcribe a recording of an important call or meeting, and he knows he can trust her not to miss anything. She's his best friend and advisor.

Although she is extremely diligent, my mom is by no means proud because of it.  She would much rather receive a quiet thank you than public recognition for her service.  She does not seek or expect praise, gratitude, or gifts, nor does she grumble when it is not given.  This is truly the mark of a servant’s heart.  

Mom, thank you for your servant's heart and for supporting and encouraging us so diligently.  You're my hero and I want to be just like you...

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To all of you

What a pleasure to read all your comments.

And I know they're not exagerations -- because I've been there and I've seen it.

All my Love,

Dad, J.P., Pepe

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