Don’t Knock It ’Til You Try It!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011
These are the pieces of the first sweater that I knit before I sewed it togetherHave you ever thought about what you might be missing out on by not trying new things?  A few years ago, my mother signed me up for a knitting camp at our community's clubhouse.  I wasn't really enthusiastic about this as I thought that knitting was just something that old people do and that I would never like or wear anything that I had made.  I was quickly proven wrong and by the end of that camp I was knitting scarves, towels, and dishcloths with whatever yarn I could get my hands on.  I was hooked!  

Kelly models the sweater, vest, hat, and scarf that I knit for herThe next year, I signed up to take a class at the local yarn shop that had just opened in town.  Through this class, I learned how to do the more advanced techniques of knitting and also learned about some of the history and tradition behind this craft.  I learned that knitting is not just a craft for the elderly, but that there is a large community of young knitters.  I also learned that many men - including a friend of mine - enjoy knitting and don't see it a just a "girl's" thing

A few of the snowman ornaments that I knitKnitting is so relaxing, and it's a great social activity.  I've really enjoyed being able to knit during family movies or while waiting for events to start.  The most rewarding part, however, is being able to see and wear something that I have created, or be able to give a handmade gift to my friends or family.  I have made a variety of things including hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets, vests, placemats, and ornaments.

If you are a knitter or interested in getting started I recommend the two following resources:  my favorite on-line knitting community that includes patters both for free and for sale is Ravelry; although I have subscribed to several knitting magazines, my favorite one so far is the Creative Knitting Magazine.  With these two resources, you will have all the patterns you need to start knitting!

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