Emily’s Pirate of the Caribbean Quiz

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner Commandeer a shipRecently, we showed Emily Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time.  She really enjoyed it and is constantly quoting lines from the movie.  She decided to create a Pirates of the Caribbean quiz and have me put it on the blog:

Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz

1.        Who was Jack’s murderous first mate?
a.        David Barbossa
b.        Nathaniel Barbossa
c.        Hector Barbossa
d.        Mark Barbossa

2.        What did young Elizabeth see in the water before seeing Will?
a.        a flying fish
b.        an umbrella
c.        a hat
d.        a sea bass

3.        What boat – ship - did Jack and Will commandeer?
a.        the Dauntless
b.        the  Interceptor
c.        the Black Pearl
d.        the Flying Dutchman

4.        Who was William Turner’s father?
a.        Cannonball Casey
b.        Mutinous Matthew
c.        Bootstrap Bill
d.        Pirate Pete

Jack 1.jpg

5.        Who had the last pirate medallion?
a.        Elizabeth
b.        Will
c.        Jack Sparrow
d.        Jack the Monkey

6.        Why did Elizabeth promise to marry Norrington
a.        To get his money
b.        To earn power
c.         To save Will
d.        all of the above

7.        Who said it? “He’s a pirate”
a.        Jack
b.        Governor Swann
c.        Elizabeth
d.        both a. and c.

8.        How long did Will practice with his swords each day?
a.        four hours.
b.        all day
c.        couple of minutes
d.        three hours

9.        What is the name of Jack’s ship?
a.        Dauntless
b.        Interceptor
c.        Flying Dutchman
d.        Black Pearl.
 Jack atop the mast of a sinking ship.jpg

OK, Good Job! Now here are the answers!

NO PEEKING Until you have completed the quiz!

1.   c. Hector Barbossa. Not many people know Barbossa’s first name!
2.   b. an Umbrella. Remember the umbrella/parasol spinning in the water next to the ship?
3.   b. the Interceptor. Norrington unknowingly made the Interceptor ready to sail for Jack
4.   c. Bootstrap Bill. They crew of the Black Pearl tied a canon to old Bootstrap’s Bootstraps and sent him down to Davy Jones’ locker
5.   d. Jack the monkey, He took it at the end of the movie after the credits
6.   c. to save Will. She already had power and money! She was the governor’s daughter!
7.   c. Elizabeth. When she accepted Will’s proposal.
8.   d. 3 hours. He said this when fighting Jack
9.   d. The Black Pearl.

Hope You Had fun with this quiz! Be sure to check back soon for More quizzes on other topics!

All pictures are from Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

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