Amy & Wendy at the Magic Kindgom for their 17th Birthday (2009)"Do you think she's following us?" my daughters wondered as they entered the main gate of Disneyland on September 5, 2009.  You see, this year, Disneyland is offering everyone free admission on their birthday, and we decided to take advantage of that for Amy and Wendy's 17th birthday.

Amy & Wendy have had many opportunities to go around Disneyland together, or with their younger sisters, but in the past, Mom and Dad were still on Disney property.  Not this time - Mom took off to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, where she could roam and read about the displays in peace!Amy & Wendy at Disneylent Main Street, USA  (1997)(A fabulous place, by the way - we are blessed to have two Presidential Libraries in Southern California - The Ronald Reagan Library is located about 90 minutes northwest of the Nixon Library).

So, the girls kept looking over their shoulders expecting me to pop up at any time.  We knew they would have a wonderful day and create many magical Disney memories of their 17th birthday.  Thanks, Disneyland!

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Growing Up Disney - The Twin’s 17th Birthday

It was a pleasure meeting both of you in line for Space Mountain on your birthday. Your interest in robotics and knowledge on the subject was refreshing and impressive as too many teens these days are not as focused as you appear to be on your future. As I read more about you on your page I'm further impressed by your family and its values. Have a wonderful year and keep up the fantastic work on your site.....its clean, well organized and very interesting!

Posted at 9/17/2009 10:02:20 AM byAngela Orozco

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