I love my new GTD Note Taker Wallet

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
20090320-GTD_Wallet_Wendy_001.jpgAs a thank you gift for working at the GTD summit, my father bought me a GTD NoteTaker Wallet.  For years I have always been jealous of the fact that whenever my father wanted to capture an idea or record information, he would simply open his wallet and write it down.  In order to accomplish the same task, I used to carry a small pad of paper in my purse but soon abandoned the idea for its bother.  It seemed easier to try to remember something or have my father write it down than to lug a notepad around in my purse and deal with bent up, loose, or torn papers.

When the wallet finally arrived, I was very excited.  But I think that even better than the fact of getting a new note - taking wallet was the entire experience of receiving it.  Even something as ordinary as a wallet was made special by the incredible presentation.  The wallet came in a nice box with the GTD logo on it.  Inside, neatly arranged, was the wallet wrapped in a small bag, an extra supply of notepads, and spare ink cartridges.  As for the wallet itself, I appreciate that I was able to gain the use of a notepad without seeming to lose any space - either for ATM cards, coins, or even space in my purse.  DavidCo did a very nice job with both the design and the presentation of the GTD NoteTaker Wallet.

Opening the GTD Note Taker Wallet Box GTD Note Taker Wallet Packaging My new GTD Note Taker wallet in its protective shipping sleeve My new GTD Note Taker wallet

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