LabVIEW Education Edition is now available!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
National Instruments Labview Logo.jpgNational Instruments just announced that they have released the LabVIEW Education Edition software, which is focused on helping students learn how to program robots with software used in today's engineering industries.

20091111 - Labview for highschool image.jpgFor the past few months, I've had the privilege of beta testing this software as I learned more about LabVIEW.  Having come from FIRST FLL, I had experience with both MINDSTORMS NXT-G and ROBOLAB, but LabVIEW was completely new to me.  It's been really exciting to work on learning a new programming language.  I feel that National Instruments and Tufts University did an outstanding job making the integration between FLL programming and FIRST programming easy.  

This has been a really exciting experience for me and I definitely plan to continue learning LabVIEW.  

You can learn more here.

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LabVIEW Education Edition is now available!

As a homeschool Mom of a "retired" FLL son, do you know if the Labview Education Edition is available to homeschoolers? All I could find on their website was that you had to be an accredited school/college/university.

Posted at 2/28/2010 1:44:04 PM byLinda

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