Mack Family Update: First Semester Completed!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011
It has been quite a while since I have been able to blog as I have been incredibly busy preparing for and going through my first semester of college.  I thought I would share a little bit about what that has been like for me:

 Wendy talks to friends while waiting for her student ID on the first day of collegeMy first semester in college has been a dream-come-true!  I am a double major in Worship Music Ministries and Liberal Arts and it has been amazing to be able to focus on areas that I really love.  I have just finished taking twenty units which has been intense but incredibly worth it.  This first semester I mostly took general education classes and a few of the basic classes required for my major and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I have been taking viola and piano lessons and it has been so incredible to be taking lessons rather than just teaching myself.  I can see how much my skills have developed since the beginning of the semester:  my sight reading has drastically improved as well as my comfort level while performing.  This has opened up several opportunities for me both to serve and work in music.  I am extremely excited because, as a result of this instruction, I have been hired to perform with an orchestra on Christmas Eve this year!

In addition to studying the viola, piano, and singing in the choir at The Master’s College, I have also had the opportunity to study handbells.  I was able to take a handbell directing and arranging course and had the privilege of performing one of the pieces I co-arranged in The Master’s College Christmas concerts this year! The Fellowship of the Ring was hired to perform at a Christmas party in LA - our first job! I also rang with the advanced handbells, directed the beginning choir, and participated with a quartet I had helped start that was hired to perform at a dinner party earlier this month.

I am so excited about next semester because, in addition to some more gen-ed classes, I get to start taking classes that are more major specific!  Three of the classes I am most excited about are Intro to 3D Graphics and Animation (Liberal Arts Degree), Mathematical Systems for Elementary Teachers (Liberal Arts Degree), and Music Leadership and Administration (Music Degree).  While I am not pursuing a teaching credential at this time, I am using my Liberal Arts Degree as an entrepreneurial-type degree to give me a broader range of skills that I can use in business.  I will, however, be taking a few teaching courses to both meet major requirements and obtain basic teaching skills that I can use in my ministry.

Well, that's the update right now.   I will be posting more soon!  

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