Mom Vs. Day Care

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
I was at a dinner party a few nights ago when a woman made the comment that in this day and age, both husbands AND wives have to work in order to get by, and children need day care.

Well, nothing puts a bee in my bonnet faster than such a ridiculous comment.

Before I go further, I do understand there are single moms who have to work - they have been dealt a tough role - but that is where families and churches need to step up to the plate to help these moms as much as possible, so that she can spend as much time as possible raising her children.  Please note, I am not advocating welfare - but time and compassion.  Kudos to dads who are raising the children.  We need to reach out to you, as well.

Picture of woman getting a pedicure.jpgBUT...we live in a society where most people feel they DESERVE to have the things they WANT (note, I did not say the things they NEED).  In Santa Clarita alone - there are more nail salons than Starbucks (and there are quite a few Starbucks!).  I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculous it is to spend $4 on a cup of coffee and a great deal more to have your fingernails and TOENAILS painted.  But we deserve it don't we?

We make choices.  By sending Mom to work, we choose to do so - above raising the children.  

You know, we have three cars - one is 18 years old, one is 12 years old, and one is 9 years old.  All rattle and have problems.  We choose to do without a lot - new cars, eating out, vacations, new clothes, landscaping, etc., because we have chosen that raising the children at home was the most important thing.

Do you need that mini-mansion, jet skis, a new car, a large flat-screen TV, fancy vacations, or to have your toe nails painted?  Or, can you scale back and stay home with your children?

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