For the past year or so, I have undertaken the challenge of learning the LabVIEW programming software from National Instruments  I was invited to participate in the beta program in Tufts University  and play around with the new Robobooks and Robolab (Based on LabVIEW software for NXTs).  In addition to going through Michael Gasperi's book, LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT,

To help me reinforce what I was learning, I decided to create a video tutorial to share with others. I based it on one of my favorite ROBOLAB tutorials from Carnegie Mellon University.  

I have only a few weeks left before my LabVIEW trial license expires, so I don't know if I will have time to create another video before it does. In any case, I really enjoyed working with LabVIEW and I met many friends along the way as I learned and shared what I was learning. I also had fun learning how to use Camtasia Studio to create the video tutorial as well.

(Disclaimer: I have permission to share this video, however, please note that the software I am using is still in beta and may look or work differently when it is released on November 9.)

Click on the link below to watch the tutorial video. (It's 11 minutes long.)

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My first LabVIEW Robotics video tutorial (Random touch)

Glad to see you were successful with the NXT program. I can help you with any issues you run into or help you find other cool project ideas. Just let me know.

Posted at 10/27/2009 7:46:31 byTodd Sierer

I really appreciate your offer to help!

Mr. Sierer,

At the moment, I'm still working my way through Gasperi's book and learning LabVIEW, but I will definitely keep your offer in mind. Thanks!!!

Posted at 10/27/2009 23:00:41 byWendy Mack

My first LabVIEW Robotics video tutorial (Random touch)

You know you can request a free student version of labview from NI.com and then download the toolkit 2.0 to program the robot.

The software will not be time limited. Thats what I did.

Posted at 11/22/2009 14:30:35 byJose

My first LabVIEW Robotics video tutorial (Random touch)

im interested in doing labview text to speech synthesizer.can u help me with this

Posted at 10/02/2012 10:04:15 bykanmani

My first LabVIEW Robotics video tutorial (Random touch)


i am a new for labview and robot NXT so i am wonder how to use compass to give direction to robot and robot shall travel according to compass and robot must steer self obtacle in front of him and still go to according to direction compass map .and Robot must keep data information such a spped , distance along side the journey and when journey end user can see it. so if you are free could you give a little help? anyway you are so beautiful

Posted at 10/11/2012 10:02:40 bymangyi

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