Popping out of Easter Eggs

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
For Easter, I decided to design a new pop-up card.  I have really enjoyed making animals and creatures, and especially enjoyed designing my Ladybug Card.  I wondered if I could use the same techniques that I used for that card to create another animal.  

Front of Easter Egg Pop-up CardMy mother bought some glitter foam Easter Eggs, and I used some special grass paper to create the effect of an Easter egg lying in the grass.  I decided to cut the egg so that it looked like it was cracking open to make it appear that a baby chick was just waiting to "pop" out.

The inside of the card proved to be a lot more difficult  to create.  I used the same body that I used for the ladybug for the body of the chick, but I needed to create a larger head.  I also needed to discover a way to make it appear as though the head of the chick was connected to the body.  The inside of my Pop-up Easter Chick CardAfter much experimentation, I achieved this by not gluing one side of the head so that it did not fully pop up and tucking the unglued side under the body of the chick.  This meant that the head had to be glued on before the body of the chick.  I created several different prototypes, and experimented with having the feet and wings pop out as well, but decided that I liked the simpler version of having the feet and wings glued flat to the background with the head, arm, and beak sticking out.  Finally, I got the beak to pop out by using a simple pop-up tent technique and by attaching it to the head. Some stick-on wiggle eyes completed the effect, and I was quite pleased with how the card turned out. I hope that it will bring a lot of joy to people as they open my card.

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