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Many years ago, my husband and I pulled the plug on our television. I must admit, I was initially devastated with this decision. Looking back, I really only watched a few things - I enjoyed the Home and Gardening network, Vault Disney (Disney classics), and TV Land. I was becoming quite dismayed with TV Land, and had to stop allowing my children to watch classic TV shows because they would often broadcast inappropriate commercials, or worse yet, promos for their Showtime movies. These movie promos blatantly offered more information than my little girls needed to know.

Did I miss it? Well, the first two years, I really missed watching the Academy Awards. After that, I realized that the movies were mostly so bad I never went to the theater anyway, and thus really didn't care much about who won or lost.  Several months ago, I was in a hotel and turned on the Home & Gardening network. My, how it has changed. I don't like the edgy programming and "hip" camera angles. I really missed the folksy shows that used to be on. Disney has stopped showing any classic television shows or movies, and seems to be focused only on the 8-12 year old girls.  Do I miss television now? Only when the Olympics come around, but I've managed to live without them.

We still have a television in our house, the only difference is that we watch videos instead. Instead of paying (in our case) over $60/month for satellite TV, we invested in videos our family could enjoy. We have joined Netflix (@$18/month) and LOVE it!  We have seen movies and classic TV that we probably would never have otherwise seen - with no offensive commercials. My children absolutely love:  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Abbott & Costello, Dick Van Dyke, and dozens of other talented stars. Many of their friends have never heard of them.

Meanwhile, our family has been spared from reality television, inappropriate situations, wardrobe malfunctions, bad language, and scantily dressed actresses/actors.  

Our children read, do crafts, and listen to books on tape (often while doing crafts). We've enjoyed playing board games, or the girls enjoy working together solving a Nancy Drew computer mystery.

Do I miss TV now, 8 years later? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I challenge you to cancel your cable TV account and try this; I don't think you will regret it!        

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