Kelly samples a plate full of orange chicken at the Screaming DuckI love Chinese Food - especially orange chicken.  Unfortunately, the nearest Chinese restaurant is over forty miles from my house.

When I heard that there was a new Chinese food restaurant in Frazier Par,, I begged my dad to take me there.  (Literally!)  As we entered the building, the sweet aroma of Chinese food wafted through the air.

 As we sat down, I immediately said, "Dad, I don't even need a menu, I would LOVE some Orange Chicken."  Orange Chicken is my favorite food.  The best part is, it's at every Chinese restaurant I've ever been to!

As soon as that sweet, delicious Orange Chicken was placed in front of me, I devoured it!  I loved visiting The Crazy Duck.  I found it to be the cleanest restaurant in the mountains.  I highly recommend this restaurant as a wonderful place to relax and get a great dinner.

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