You Gotta BE WiSE

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
Two years ago, Wendy and I had a wonderful opportunity to share with others what we had learned through our years in robotics competitions.  We were asked to go to San Diego and teach forty girls of the BE WiSE group a one day seminar.

The BE WiSE science alliance is a group dedicated to engaging and teaching young women in science and technology and providing them with valuable experiences, background, and skills to pursue their goals.

A lego robot on its way to solve a missionFor an entire day, Wendy and I helped run the seminar at LegoLand and taught the girls how to build their robots and program them to perform simple missions.  We also hosted a mini competition for the girls and challenged them to form teams and try to complete as many missions as possible in a limited amount of time.

We both thoroughly enjoyed working with the girls from the BE WiSE program and we loved teaching someone who was as eager to learn as we were to teach them.  We were amazed that these girls were so motivated that they skipped their only break to spend more time working with the robots and asking questions and we loved answering them!  I hope we can someday do this again!

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